My name is Elliot Danziger and I am the founder of Divorce Mediation Advisors LLC and proud to be a Family and Divorce Mediator. There are so many good answers to why a couple should choose divorce mediation. I began this organization, Divorce Mediation Advisors, LLC, which is specifically focused on family mediation, partly to spread the word about the benefits of mediation in a divorce context.  I think it is notable that most of the people I speak with are not familiar with the benefits and process of divorce mediation.  From my experience, a good number of people believe that they have no other choice but to get a lawyer and go to court if they want to get a divorce.  That is simply not true – if you want to stay out of court and try and work out the issues of your divorce in a private, productive, and respectful setting, Divorce Mediation is a great choice for you.

Mediation resolves family related issues in an organized and professional setting where you and your partner can find mutually acceptable solutions. You and your partner will most likely maintain some sort of contact and relationship after divorce. Family Mediation, because of its collaborative nature, often results in the participants maintaining a positive and productive relationship after the process is complete.

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is to “wage war” on your soon-to-be ex-spouse because of the anger, blame, and betrayal that many people feel during a separation, divorce, or post-judgment conflict.  A lot of people fall into this trap. However, they end up not only hurting themselves but if they have children, a contested divorce can be very difficult on the children as well as they are often dragged into the conflict.

The number one benefit of divorce mediation, in my opinion, is the positive effect it has on the participants’ relationships with each other and with children, if there ar kids in the picture. Now, it is important to acknowledge that the divorce mediation is not all warm and fuzzy.  Any divorce is difficult from an emotional and financial viewpoint. However, when compared to a contested divorce – especially, a divorce that involves court and litigation – divorce mediation is the sound choice and a more constructive way to obtain a divorce.  Divorce Mediation is hard work but well worth the effort.

Another benefit of divorce mediation is its cost. If the parties are working together and paying one mediator to help them reach mutually agreeable solutions, this is often a lot less expensive than both parties obtaining their own divorce lawyer and paying them high hourly rates to write letters back and forth, demand and provide financial documents, attend meetings and depositions, and the tremendous cost of paying an attorney to prepare for and attend a trial. Divorce Mediation is known to be a cost-effective solution when compared to a contested divorce.

Yet another benefit is the speed of divorce mediation. As with any other task, if people are working together to accomplish a goal, the goal will be achieved faster than if they were battling each other every step of the way.

Finally, it is not to be overlooked that divorce mediation provides the participants with the ability to control their own destiny and fasten their own solutions and arrangements tailored to their particular needs and wants. You can create creative and customized solutions that are often harder to achieve in a traditional contested divorce.

There are many other benefits to family and divorce mediation.  You and your partner must decide whether to devote your energy to working together to plan your future.  Or you can battle each other every step of the way, often expending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, legal expenses, and expert fees.

I urge you to take control of your future and call DMA and set up a free consultation today. Remember, however you envision your future, Divorce Mediation Advisors, LLC is Your Path Forward…