Often times, people contact Divorce Mediation Advisors and they have not spoken to their spouse about family mediation. Or the person has spoken to their spouse about mediation but the couple has not decided on whether or not to pursue this avenue.  It is great that one party sees the value of the family mediation process and that they are gathering information and educating themselves on the process. It is a great first step. I am always happy to speak with anyone about the mediation process and how it can assist people to resolve family and divorce issues out of court.

However, in order to successfully negotiate an agreement in a divorce or family matter, both parties must be willing to give the mediation process a try or at least to make an appointment for a free consultation where both parties can ask questions and get a feel for the atmosphere and mediator. You will get a taste of what the mediation process will be like and be able to decide what decision is right for you.

You should keep in mind that it takes two to have a successful mediation. That means both clients have to be there voluntarily and have a productive attitude towards the work done in mediation sessions and the benefits that each party is reaping from the decision to attempt and settle their differences outside of the courtroom. You cannot force your spouse to mediate – it defeats the purpose.  At Divorce Mediation Advisors, we usually recommend that both parties share in the expense of the mediation sessions in a proportion that they believe is fair. This is so each spouse has some “skin in the game” and this shared payment also confirms the mediator’s neutrality and makes sure there is not an appearance otherwise.  The point is that divorce mediation is a shared endeavor and we try and always keep that balance and neutrality throughout the mediation.

Family and Divorce Mediation are cooperative and collaborative processes.  No matter how good any mediator is; she cannot force people to agree or even make an effort to find common ground. Therefore, you and your spouse must be part of the decision to mediate and to try and make it work!

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