Some couples do not have any children, very little property to divide, and have pretty much already decided the terms of their divorce. They just want the paperwork filed to make it happen and get it done. Divorce Mediation is a great tool that these types of couples can utilize to get a quick and simple divorce!

For Couples that have Decided the Terms of their Divorce:

In divorce mediation, you can sit down with your mediator and let him or her know exactly what you guys have decided on. The mediator will make sure that both parties understand the agreement and have addressed all the issues that they should address. Then, the family mediator will take down all the information that they need to draft a simple divorce agreement (otherwise known as a separation agreement) and all the information that they need to draft uncontested divorce papers. Then, you and your spouse can return to sign the documents and Divorce Mediation Advisors will file the papers with the Court. Divorce Mediation Advisors is able to handle your divorce from beginning to end because we have experienced divorce lawyers on staff.

For Couples that have Decided Almost All of the Divorce Issues:

Other couples have decided almost all of the terms of the divorce with the exception of a few issues. It may not seem like your issues are so monumental that you and your spouse should each hire an attorney and duke it out in divorce court. Family Mediation is a great tool for you. If the issues are relatively simple, you and your spouse may be able to reach an agreement in a mediation session or two! Often times, having a mediator there to listen, offer observations and suggestions, and help you to think creatively is very effective to help you and your spouse bridge the gap and reach an agreement. If you and your spouse have decided to divorce and agree on most issues, divorce mediation is a smart and efficient choice.

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