Divorce Mediation has a number of benefits over traditional divorce.  Often times, it is less expensive than a traditional contested divorce.  Both spouses are using one professional to help them resolve their issues rather than each hiring an attorney, which will increase the costs of the divorce.

Divorce Mediation is often quicker than a contested divorce.  Divorce cases are known to drag on for years and years.  Sometimes the divorce lasts longer than the marriage.  The court system is overburdened with cases and delays are commonplace.  In divorce mediation, you are in control of the speed of your settlement.  Our divorce mediation specialists are there for you and we make our best efforts to be available for conferences and meetings when it is convenient for you.  Do not become entrenched in the legal system that you cannot control.  Instead, take control of your divorce and take control of the process.  Call our office and ask to speak with a divorce mediator today.  We recommend that you and your spouse call together if possible as the entire divorce mediation process is collaborative and open.

Also, the mediation process is friendlier and more collaborative than a traditional contested divorce.  Often times in a contested divorce, a divorce attorney can make settling the case next to impossible.  All it takes is one unreasonable and unyielding divorce attorney with influence over his or her client to launch the case into court and drive up the costs of the divorce.  Unfortunately, the truth is that some divorce attorneys try and maximize the revenue of each divorce without regard to what is truly in the client’s best interest.  Of course, this is not true of all divorce attorneys.  There are a number of solid and professional attorneys who always do their best to act in their client’s best interest and have no ulterior motives.  However, at Divorce Mediation Advisors, our divorce mediators have one goal in mind – to help you and your spouse reach a fair settlement in a quick and cost effective manner that minimizes the emotional and financial damage that divorce inflicts on you and your children.  Divorce Mediation, because of its collaborative and cooperative nature, often inflicts less damage than a contested divorce.  Parents and spouses are able to continue to communicate and collaborate after the divorce is compete.  This is invaluable to the mental health of the children and the divorcing couple as well.

Think of a mediated divorce as a “kinder and friendlier divorce”.  Rather than “lawyer up” and possibly lose control of your divorce, mediation lets you control the process in a judgment-free and supportive atmosphere.  At Divorce Mediation Advisors, our divorce mediators are professional, courteous, and patient.  We understand the amount of pressure and stress that a divorce brings to your family and your daily life.   Our experience tells us that you will get through this difficult stage and move on with your life.  We would be privileged to help you to get through this complicated and demanding stage of your life.  We believe that working together with your partner is the absolute best path to a healthier and less stressful divorce.  Please call us today and ask to speak to one of our divorce mediation specialists.