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Our Divorce Mediators Help You to Take Control of Your Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process.  It is also a legal process.  However, the traditional legal process is based on adversarial principles that often worsen divorce and conflict.  At Divorce Mediation Advisors LLC, we believe that the court system is not the ideal venue for spouses and families to determine their future path because of its oppositional nature. Rather, our philosophy is that cooperation, listening, patience, and reason are the keys to a happier and healthier future for divorcing couples and their children. While divorce is almost certainly difficult, divorce does not have to be an ugly and unreasonably expensive process.  If you and your spouse are willing to try hard to understand each other’s needs and wants, you can resolve your differences in a more cost effective and healthier manner than going to court.  Our Divorce Mediators are here to help you chart your own course as you separate.

Collaborative and Cooperative Decision Making

In divorce court, parties are stuck with strict rules and conventions that get applied to each case indiscriminately. In divorce mediation, there are no rigid rules or formulas.  The couple can determine what scenarios work for their families and have the freedom to formulate solutions that are customized to the specific facts and circumstances of their parenting situation and their financial circumstances. Our goal at Divorce Mediation Advisors is to help you to reach mutually agreeable solutions and ultimately to draft an agreement that embodies your understanding.  The following issues are often discussed and resolved in a divorce agreement (also known as a separation agreement or Stipulation of Settlement if there is a pending action):

  • Custody of Children and Parenting Plan
    • Decision making process for medical, educational, religious, and other major decisions concerning children
    • Parenting Time including holiday schedules and vacation schedules
  • Relocation of a Parent to another locale
  • Division of Assets
  • What will happen to the marital home
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
  • Dividing Retirement Accounts and Pensions
  • Dividing Debts and Liabilities
  • Life Insurance to ensure support obligations
  • Setting up Trusts and determining Estate Planning issues as it pertains to divorce issues